Voted Calgary’s Best Custom & Luxury Home Builder Over 20 Times

For over 30 years, McKinley Masters has been helping clients turn their dream acreage and estate homes into a reality. 

With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to quality, we have built a reputation as a custom home builder in Calgary that reliably develops beautiful and functional homes. 

As the best luxury home builder in Calgary, Alberta and recipient of several BILD/SAM awards, we are committed to working closely with clients to execute plans and bring dream homes to life in safe and established neighbourhoods. 

Every home we build should reflect individual style and taste. 

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Here at McKinley Masters, we remain unparalleled to other builders as we take pride in our distinguished ability to create custom homes that are both functional and aesthetically stunning while utilizing the latest technologies and design trends to deliver a truly personalized home-building experience.


As top-of-the-line luxury home and infill builders, our team at McKinley Masters understands the importance of attention to detail and the use of only the highest quality materials and finishes. 


Our team of skilled craftsmen and tradespeople is dedicated to creating homes that exceed expectations and stand the test of time. More so, we thoroughly plan for what you need and want in your home, and not one detail is overlooked in your new luxury home. 


Whether you are looking to build a contemporary masterpiece or a classic estate, McKinley Masters has the expertise and experience to make your vision a stunning reality.


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As estate builders, we possess an innate creativity that enables us to approach each luxury home project with a fresh perspective. We use our distinct creativity to craft unique and customized design solutions that meet clients' specific needs and preferences, resulting in homes that are truly one-of-a-kind.


We are renowned for our unparalleled luxury renovations that exude elegance and sophistication. We use the finest materials, combined with expert craftsmanship, to create homes that radiate luxury and blend modern and timeless forms of tangible opulence. The result is a level of luxury that is unmatched in this industry.


Our adept team of builders and designers take pride in our intuitive design sense, which enables us to create homes that seamlessly strike a balance between form and function. These designs are not only visually stunning but are also optimized for modern living, with features and amenities that enrich and simplify daily life.


Our skilled team creates inspiring home designs that push the boundaries of traditional homebuilding with our luxury home innovations. We infuse our thorough designs with unique and innovative elements that make a statement, while still maintaining the functionality and livability that modern homeowners demand, all to give you results that will be awe-inspiring.


The team at McKinley Masters creates timeless home designs that will endure the ever-changing design and home trends. Our unique and thorough designs are carefully crafted with lasting architectural styles, quality materials, and attention to detail, ensuring that the homes we build retain their elegance and appeal for generations to come.

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Our team is a group of skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about creating exceptional luxury acreage homes. Since 1989, we have showcased our distinction amongst our competitors with transparency in all communication, in addition to our outstanding quality. Under the leadership of President Mark Kwasnicki, McKinley Masters has expanded our services to include large-scale luxury home renovations and inner-city luxury infills. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the team at McKinley possesses an unparalleled level of expertise in custom home building and luxury home construction in Okotoks, Springbank, and Silverhorn. We strive to listen to what our clients envision and execute these plans utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience while also relying on our creativity, intuition, and attention to detail to create exclusive and stunning homes. We are committed to excellence in service, financial stewardship, honesty, integrity, and transparency. We understand that building a custom home is a major investment, and we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests while also delivering an exceptional home-building experience.
McKinley Masters offers all-inclusive pricing, providing our clients with peace of mind and transparency throughout the home-building process. Our all-inclusive pricing ensures that there are no hidden costs or surprises, and clients can have a clear understanding of the total investment required for their luxury home project, making for a smooth and stress-free experience.

We take pride in our ability to build homes, not just houses, for each client. We understand that a home is more than just a structure, but a reflection of the homeowner’s lifestyle, personality, goals and dreams. To make a structure reflect our clients vision, we go above and beyond to create luxury and custom houses that are thoughtfully designed, exquisitely crafted, and tailored to our clients’ individual needs and desires, resulting in functional and beautiful homes that will be cherished.

At McKinley Masters, living by our values is at the very core of our business philosophy. By upholding values such as integrity, transparency, excellence, and customer satisfaction in every aspect of our work, we are guided by our decisions, actions, and interactions, ensuring that we deliver the highest level of service and quality.

Integrity and trust are the foundation of our approach to custom and luxury home building. We are consistently committed to building without compromising integrity, making sure that every aspect of our work is done with honesty, transparency, and accountability. Clients can trust in McKinley Masters’ commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service, backed by our impeccable and long-standing reputation in the industry and consistent satisfaction from previous clients.

Part of building your exclusive McKinley Masters home is finding an appropriate lot. McKinley Masters offers land acquisition assistance as we work toward bringing together your desired lifestyle and home features with details such as building code and land availability. If homebuyers have potential lots we offer in depth assessment of these locations. Although we do not carry much inventory, we are keenly aware of what is available in the Calgary area. We also consider factors such as location, size, topography, and potential for future value appreciation.

McKinley Masters places emphasis on superior client care. We prioritize open communication, active listening, and personalized attention that guarantees clients’ needs and desires are met at every step of the home-building process. 

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We take great pride in the extreme craftsmanship that goes into all of our projects. Quality means more than a home that you and your family can enjoy, it also means a home that future generations can enjoy for decades to come. Each of our projects incorporates quality materials and finishings carefully selected to suit your individual tastes. McKinley Masters homes are completed by skilled craftsmen and artisans who use those materials to bring your unique home to life. With quality work and materials always at the top of our priorities, it’s no surprise that we’ve become known for the superior craftsmanship of our homes that stand the test of time.

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The McKinley Masters process begins with a consultation where clients' visions, needs, and budget are carefully discussed. Next, our experienced team creates custom designs, followed by meticulous construction using the finest materials and finishes. The process includes regular updates, site visits, and collaborative decision-making, so our clients will receive a personalized experience.

Vision & Design

After an initial consultation, we will follow up by determining a clear vision and design for the client's custom or luxury home. Through detailed consultations, the team will diligently listen to the client's ideas, preferences, and budget considerations, and then translates them into complex and inspiring design that captures the essence of their dream home.

Plan & Construction

Once the vision and design are established, McKinley Masters moves on to the planning and construction phase. Our experienced team will meticulously plan and execute the construction process, using the finest craftsmanship and dexterous skills to perfectly bring the vision to life. Our team will give each client regular updates about their homes in development, perform regular site visits to homes under construction, and offer collaborative decision-making that will ensure a smooth and successful construction journey.

Welcome Home

The final step of our process is the exciting moment of welcoming the client into their new custom home in Calgary. With meticulous attention to detail and quality, the client's vision is formally executed into a stunning reality. McKinley Masters takes pride in delivering homes that exceed expectations, creating cherished spaces where memories are made for years to come.


At McKinley, our typical build process lasts around 2.5 years. We recognize that the process of building a custom home can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially for those who have never done it before, which is why we’ve developed our exclusive Partnership Process to make the project feel simpler and more manageable for clients.  

At McKinley, design is an essential aspect of the building process. We invite clients to work collaboratively with the design team to take your vision and shape it into a set of plans. Following the construction of all hard finishings, you’ll meet with the designer again to select the final touches to ensure it truly feels like home. 

We offer all-inclusive pricing to ensure that there are no hidden costs or surprises. It doesn’t make sense to us that you would pay for something before you’ve seen it, so at McKinley, you pay after the work is completed, not before.

McKinley Masters specializes in luxury custom home builds and renovations. We offer lot purchase advice and land acquisition assistance as needed for clients looking for a place to build. We often work with clients who have acreage land in rural Alberta, though we also build suburban estate homes. We’re pleased to build in some exclusive luxury suburban developments including areas in Okotoks, Springbank, and Silverhorn in Bearspaw. We also build luxury infills in inner city communities where older homes have been torn down and larger lots are available.

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